A poster boy for disappointment

Rambling down river

Cutty sark, canary wharf, after dark, swindled hearts, sunken gold, risen stones, baseless morals & trophy homes. Pitchless tunes, righteous songs, unwritten runes & pencilled tomes. Composed doubt, learned hope, witless women for old rope. Screaming bells, rolling tongues, hungry children, misspelled sums, counting beans, crowned queens, mincing fairies & troubled teens. Trackless railways, dimming lights, graveyard gardens, sugar and spice, Feckless fancy, flights and freckles, Rampant tempers & sky high fences. Floating bubbles, concrete oceans, foe-less fictions, force fed falsehoods, still waters, pill pushers, crippled mothers & spoiled daughters.

Date: 11-03-2014